First, go to and type “” in the box between “Is” and “down for everyone”. Then, click on the blue button that says “or just me?” That will tell you if the issue is with the hosting provider.

Next, log into your Greenthumb account, go to the help desk and choose “Emergency Support”. Make sure to get very specific as possible with what you’re seeing.

If possible, take some screenshots using your computer’s screen clipping tool. If you’re using your Chrome browser, you can download the free Fireshot extension to take screenshots.

An even better tool to use is Loom. It’s a free video screen recorder. You can record your actions to replicate the issue, then send the link in the form.

Please note the error code you see on the screen as this will also impact what kind of ticket you can submit. If all else fails, use the ticket to ask for a backup copy of your website to be restored.

All plans have the ability to ask for this request for free via Hosting and Domain support (unless you’ve purchased a one-time ticket).