Greenthumb Support

We understand that sometimes it’s best to have someone to physically talk to. We have staff all around the world who are answering support questions. The best way that they can be reached is through the Help Desk. If you request support through any other means, your request may fall through the cracks and get severely delayed. Through the Help Desk, you can ask for “Website Training”, which is a virtual training through Zoom to guide you through resolving an issue. Besides, showing is better than telling!

We’d hate to see you go, but if you must leave, then you can leave at anytime under no obligations. You may be prorated for the remainder of your subscription.

If you’re cancelling your Website Management subscription, you will be responsible for finding a new hosting provider and that new provider will have to migrate your website to their servers for you (most of them do it for free). You will also be responsible for all other costs associated with your website, including licenses and domain registration.

At this time, we don’t have a way for you to have multiple websites under one account. We understand that as websites become more accessible, more people will have more than one website.

We are working on a fix for this solution. In the meantime, only one website per subscription account. Also, you will have to use a separate email per website account subscription.

However, we might be able to work out a custom bulk plan for you. Contact the Unity Tenth Sales line at 870-280-2282 for more details.

At this time, we are unfortunately unable to provide a full refund. But we are working to make this possible in the future because it’s the right thing to do.

This business was created with Non-Profit organization in mind. We’ve tried incredibly hard to bring our margins so low that it’s affordable to anyone. If your organization has a need for a service and it’s a little too much for your budget, please reach out to the Unity Tenth Sales line at 870-280-2282 and we’ll see what we can do.

If support to a department requires additional hourly billing, then you will have to pay for the first hour of work upfront according to your subscription plan. After the ticket is completed, then you will be billed for the remainder of time it took to resolve the issue. If the issue takes less than 15 minutes to complete, then you will receive credit for the remainder of time. You can either use the credit on another purchase in Greenthumb or request to “cash” it out (it may be returned to you through the same method in which you paid for the service).

We’ll try to be as fair as possible when handling support tickets. With that being said, tickets are generally handled in the order in which they are received. You’ll get an automated email telling you that we’ve received your ticket. Then, our staff is required to give you notice withing 2 to 6 hours that they are working on your ticket. We try to finish the ticket within 24 to 48 hours depending on the scope of the ticket and how soon you can get back to us. If there’s no other action on your ticket, then it will automatically be closed and you’ll have to open a new ticket.

You can choose one of our WordPress Support subscriptions. They will work on your self-hosted WordPress website, no matter where it is hosted. If you want us to MANAGE your website (including hosting), then we’ll migrate it to our servers for FREE!

When you become a Website Management subscriber, you’ll be made a collaborator on the Flywheel hosting account. (Don’t worry, we’ll handle the bill). Accept the request in your email and you should be given access to the account (you may also have to create a free Flywheel account if you don’t already have one). You can also check out this article for how to access the SFTP using Filezilla.

Full disclosure, your website will be hosted on one of the most secure and advanced servers in the industry (with Flywheel). They’ve done a pretty good job of making sure that your website loads fast and is secure. With that being said, there are some plugins that can interfere with their good work, such as backup plugins and caching plugins. These aren’t needed. You can see a full and complete list of plugins that won’t work by going here.

If you’ve added Domain Management or License Management to your Website Management subscription, we will make sure to keep everything working properly. In order for us to do that, we will have to buy our own license and registration and apply it to your account. If you’re account becomes delinquent, we may hold on to the license and registration until it’s brought up to current. If you’re account is in good standing, we’ll be glad to give you the license and registration rights at any time at your request, but you’ll be responsible for the costs associated with it (minus our handling fees).

Unless you have a custom plan, no. When you get a subscription, at the time of payment you’ll be asked if you accept the terms and conditions, which you can read before you process the payment. The conditions will also be available always on our Terms of Services page and you’ll be notified whenever they are changed.

First, go to DownForEveryoneOrJustMe.com and type “getflywheel.com” in the box between “Is” and “down for everyone”. Then, click on the blue button that says “or just me?” That will tell you if the issue is with the hosting provider.

Next, log into your Greenthumb account, go to the help desk and choose “Emergency Support”. Make sure to get very specific as possible with what you’re seeing.

If possible, take some screenshots using your computer’s screen clipping tool. If you’re using your Chrome browser, you can download the free Fireshot extension to take screenshots.

An even better tool to use is Loom. It’s a free video screen recorder. You can record your actions to replicate the issue, then send the link in the form.

Please note the error code you see on the screen as this will also impact what kind of ticket you can submit. If all else fails, use the ticket to ask for a backup copy of your website to be restored.

All plans have the ability to ask for this request for free via Hosting and Domain support (unless you’ve purchased a one-time ticket).

After a successful purchase, you will be sent an onboarding form. The encrypted form will ask you about your hosting provider and your login information. We will keep this information secret and safe. If you’re asking for a one-time ticket, you will be asked to fill out this form EVERY time because it will be deleted after the work is done, so it might be a good idea to be a subscriber… as we’ll keep that information on file as long as you remain a subscriber.

We prefer to take debit or credit card, that way we’ll automatically bill you so that you’ll never have to remember to pay an invoice again. If you prefer, we can also do a check or money order, but it won’t be posted on the account until it’s received and processed. PayPal Balance and Cash App are also acceptable. Talk to the sales agent for more details.

We will try to notify you if your card was declined or your check bounced. We’ll also let you know when you will be billed again.

Most of these conversations are done via email, so PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR EMAIL AND GIVE US AN EMAIL YOU READ FREQUENTLY!!!  If you behind 3 payments in a row, you’ll lose all of the perks in your subscription.

If you are a Website Management subscriber, then the hosting account on Flywheel will be transferred to you, in which you’ll have to pay for hosting and take care of all maintenance and licenses. When you make up the missed payments, then all of the other perks will be reinstated.

Website Growth Checkups (formally known as a Website Marketing Consultation) are meetings for Website Management subscribers to help them grow their website.

The subscriber will meet via Zoom for at least an hour with their personal account strategist. During that time, you will look at Google Analytics data and other data points to determine how well your website is performing. Then, you both will devise actionable steps to increase website traffic, improve performance, or accomplish any other goals you have in mind.

The meetings can also be used to ask questions and get a lesson on various social media platforms, learn about other forms of digital marketing, and you can also make support requests for your website (at no additional cost).

Our Emergency Support team specifically deals with websites that are down and hard to access. It could be because of a plugin or theme error, or your website has been compromised. An “urgent” priority ticket just means that the issue is VERY important to you. We will handle tickets in the order in which they were received. However, if you have two tickets open and one of them is “urgent” priority while the other is “low” priority, we may tackle the “urgent” ticket first and delay the lower priority ticket. Sending a ticket to the Emergency Support team or marking it as “urgent” may not get it resolved any faster, but it does help us understand how important the issue is to you. We’ll make every effort to get it fixed!